Download and Install Raccoon BW Analyzer


The Raccoon BW Analyzer may be found on the SF download page for the Raccoon Framework.

System Requirements

The Raccoon BW Analyzer requires J2SE 5 or above, this is due to the raccoon-core that now relies on generics and other features of Java 5. If necessary download the appropriate JRE on the Java Sun Site.

Furthermore the Raccoon BW Analyzer supposes that you have Business Works project at hand, a sample project is provided in the zip file named .

You also need Acrobat Reader to review the generated PDF report.

Installation Instructions

In order to install the Raccoon BW Analyzer, please abide to the following steps:

  1. Download the analyzer file on the SF download page and unzip it.
  2. Edit the file analyzeBwProject.bat and check the various properties, in particular the location of the J2SE 5.0 (either the JDK or the JRE).
  3. Execute the program analyzeBwProject.bat without any parameters to see if all is ok. Normally the program should display a short help message.