Implementation of the BadhnAti contract for TIB/Rendezvous.


Class Summary
AbsParser Common denominator amongst all TIBCO enabled parsers.
JavaToMessage Converts a Java Bean instance to a TIB/Rendezvous message that complies with the Active Enterprise format.
MessageToJava Converts a valid IMessage instance into a java bean.
TibrvAeParser Converts java beans to IBusMessage instances or vice-versa.

Package Description

Implementation of the BadhnAti contract for TIB/Rendezvous.

The BadhnAti API

This implementation is capable of:

The generated TibrvMsg complies to the AE3.0 format used by TIB/Integration Manager, TIB/Adapter SDK and TIB/Business Works.

If the originating message comes from a TIB/Integration Manager 4.5 component Raccoon will generate a warning because the message isn't exactly AE3.0 compliant, you can ignore this warning.
Although the exact format of the Active Enterprise message isn't public information, just be looking at any message, you can understand how it works. From our understanding, the prefix list should contain references to classes that are defined under the ae folder, however TIB/Integration Manager occassionaly puts a reference to a scalar class (like String for example) which is weird; when this happens Raccoon generates a warning that you can safely ignore.

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