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Packages that use IBadhnAti
raccoon.api.eai.badhnati Provides services to link representations of data beans between various worlds. 

Uses of IBadhnAti in raccoon.api.eai.badhnati

Subinterfaces of IBadhnAti in raccoon.api.eai.badhnati
 interface IXmlToMessage
          Provides conversion methods between IMessage and XML Strings.

Uses of IBadhnAti in raccoon.core.badhnati.xml

Classes in raccoon.core.badhnati.xml that implement IBadhnAti
 class XmlParser
          The parser that converts IMessage instances into an XML String or vice-versa.

Uses of IBadhnAti in raccoon.tibco.tibrv.api

Subinterfaces of IBadhnAti in raccoon.tibco.tibrv.api
 interface IXmlToTibrvMsg
          TODO Document this class.

Uses of IBadhnAti in raccoon.tibco.tibrv.badhnati.xml

Classes in raccoon.tibco.tibrv.badhnati.xml that implement IBadhnAti
 class TibrvMsgParser
          TODO Document this class.

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